Peter Hurst  


Peter Hurst.

B.A. and M.A. in History from the University of Cambridge; P.G.C.E. from the University of Sheffield; CELTA from Reading College. Taught at Reading School from 1993 to 2017.



"I believe that we should help our students to grow into independent minded and responsible global citizens."



Peter Dashley

经济讲师,莱斯特大学经济学学士,英国Brokenhurst College经济系讲师,持有PGCE证书。

Peter Dashley.

B.A. in Economics from Leicester University;Economics Teacher at Brockenhurst College, U.K.;

P.G.C.E. from Southampton University.



“Studying and using Economics can help the world be a better place for all.”


 Ian Johnson


Ian Johnson

数学讲师,朴茨茅斯大学工程荣誉学士,持有PGCE证书。英国Brokenhurst College数学讲师,执教17年。


Ian Johnson

Mathematics Teacher,BEng(Hons) in Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, PGCE in Mathematics (11 to 18) University College Chichester. He has been teaching for 17 years.



“My aim is to enthuse students into having an inquiring mind, to become accepting of others and to become well rounded adults.”



Austin Read Coates


Austin Read Coates has a bachelor degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Here, he studied media and worked as a reporter and show host at KBIA news radio. He has lived in China for five years.



“To learn: read, study, and then travel. When these three pursuits come together, understanding is achieved. ”


Benjamin Lilley


Benjamin Lilley




Benjamin Lilley

IELTS Teacher. BA from the University of Nottingham. PGCE in Modern Languages from the University of Sheffield. He has taught English in Spain, and England.



“The limits of your language are the limits of your world. Learning a language opens up a whole world of possibility. ”



 Emmanuel Pius Kattila


Emmanuel Pius Kattila.

B.A. in Education and MBA in Finance from the University of Nairobi; Certified Public Accountant, Part1, Section 2.



“Assisting learners in their quest for excellence through education.”



Scott Donnelly



Scott Donnelly



Scott Donnelly

Art Teacher. MA in Fine Art and Education, Northumbria University. Having published with the National Society for Education in Art and Design in the UK, Scott has presented research papers for the International Journal of Art and Design Education at two of their annual conferences - Glasgow School of Art 2015 and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin 2017.



“Developing an art practice through research and knowledge to make artwork which is personalised, informed and meaningful.”


Aya Murata



Aya Murata

 日语讲师,日本神户松荫女子学院大学学士。她的专业是英语,辅修日语。 她曾经在日本最大的语言培训机构之一(Amity)担任老师。

Aya Murata

Japanese teacher. Aya graduated from The Kobe Shoin Women’s University with a bachelor degree. Her major is English with a minor in Japanese. She used to be a teacher in Japan's one of the largest language training institute (Amity).




“Genius without educaton is like silver in the mine.”

                王 艳


王  艳

国际部副主任,国学讲师,东北师范大学研究生学历,国家汉办全球“最美汉语教师”,省五一劳动奖章获得者,市优秀青年教师,曾先后公派至巴西Univille University、美国Johnson University任教。

Yan Wang

Vice Director of International Department,Chinese Teacher. Postgraduate degree from Northeast Normal University. Over ten years international teaching experience. She has taught at Univille University, Brazil and Johnson University, USA .For her professionalism and expertise,she has been recognized as an outstanding teacher and been receiving the Provincial Labor Medal and the Hanban Global “Most Excellent Chinese Teacher” award.


“Education is discovery and fulfillment.”






Xiaoran Liang

Vice Director of International Department, IELTS Teacher. Zoe graduated from the University of York with a MA degree in TESOL. She has many years’ experience in being a head teacher. The first graduates from her class were all admitted to top universities on the list of the top 100 in the world.   



“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”





Yiming Jinlei

Physics Teacher, College Counselor. Jin graduated from the University of Cambridge with both BA and MA degrees in Aerospace engineering. He has many years' experience in college counseling with 16 of his students already admitted by Oxbridge, and more than 50 students admitted to G5 universities.


“Cultivate leadership and cosmopolitan person based in oriental spirit.”





托福讲师,杜伦大学教育学硕士,曾任英国杜伦市Educational Village 八年级讲师。

Wei Huang

TOEFL Teacher. Wei Huang graduated from Durham University with a Master’s degree in Education.

She used to be a teacher of Year 8 at Educational Village, County Durham , UK.



“The limits of your language are the limits of your world.”






Qingzhe Zha

Physics Teacher. Zha majored in Astrophysics at the Department of Astronomy at Beijing Normal University during his graduate stage. He has many years’ experience teaching at several famous international schools and guiding over 50 students to achieve full credit on the international physics exam.



“Try to perceive the essence beneath the appearance, and discover the beauty and power of Physics.”
















































































































Claire Zhang

Economics Teacher. Claire graduated from The University of Hong Kong. She has had two years work experience in Singapore related to international economics and marketing. With her unique view of economics, she has the ability to integrate teaching and real-world cases.



“To disseminate virtue and to investigate the way of things.”





Yanlin Fang

Mathematics Teacher, Academic Supervisor. Fang graduated from University College London with an MSC degree in Mathematics and graduated from King’s College London with an MSC degree in China and Globalisation. Some students have been admitted to G5 universities every year since she became an A-level teacher.


“Where there is a Will, there is a Way.” 































Lifeng Pan

Head of AP Programme.Postgraduate of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Experienced teacher of AP Chemistry, A-level Chemistry and AP calculus; 13 years of teaching experience, including 9 years of international education and management experience; Has taught in some famous international school, also in Beijing No.4 Middle School.



“Focus on future-oriented education.”



托福讲师,升学指导,USC 南加州大学教育系硕士,拥有美国高中英语教学工作经历,是能将快乐的知识与丰富的美国文化传递给学生的影响者。

Ziyue Huang.

TOEFL Teacher, College Counselor. Ziyue Huang graduated from University of Southern California with an MA degree in Education. She possesses years of experience in teaching ESL at high schools in the U.S.; a teacher who inspires the joy of knowledge and explores the enrichment of American culture.



“Spark interest. Ignite curiosity. Fuel dreams. ”



























Cien Teng

IELTS and Chinese teacher. Teng graduated from University of Bristol with MA degree in European Literature and also has a BA in English Literature and an LL.B..She is able to combine Western literature with Chinese classical masterpieces in her classes, and can offer a unique perspective for students to observe literature in different cultural contexts.



“Hold the humanity as the foundation of your life, and cherish the whole world with all your heart.”























Mengqi Zhao

TOEFL/ SAT Teacher. Maggie Zhao graduated from Newcastle University with an MA degree.She is officially-certified trainer by ETS. And she helped many students to get full marks in TOEFL/ SAT writing, and receive offers from world's topnotch universities, such as Harvard University, Northwestern University, etc.



“Every student has potential for success.”




















Yingying Yang

Economics Teacher. Lydia graduated from the University of Macau with an MSc degree. She worked as a teaching assistant in the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau and participated in several studies and data processing on corporate governance.


“The object of teaching is to encourage the young to explore and innovate constantly.”







Xiaojuan Ruan

Mathematics Teacher. Head of A-Level Programme.Ruan graduated from the University of Warwick with an MA degree in ICT and Multimedia in Teaching. She is a member of the Core Group of English language teaching in Zhuhai and has a great deal of experience in teaching A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.



“Sidere mens eadem mutato.”





Jinliang Li
Chemistry Teacher.Leo graduated from Nanjing University with a Bachelors degree and from the University of British Columbia with an M.Sc. degree in Chemistry. After teaching SAT/AP subjects for several years in 

Vancouver, he came to Zhuhai and has already extended his expertise to teaching A-level subjects. He is reliable and admired by every student and teacher.


“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”




尤 秀

爱丁堡大学教育学硕士研究生,备考英语、雅思、多邻国考试讲师,TESOL国际教师资格证(高级)持有者。2020年至2021年就职于新航道上海学校,深度了解A-Level, IB, AP考试的相关内容,年终被评为“优秀员工”,语法词汇教学经验丰富,获得学生和家长的一致好评。

You Xiu

Master of Education, University of Edinburgh, lecturer in English, IELTS, Duolingo, holder of TESOL International Teaching Certificate (Advanced). From 2020 to 2021, Xiu worked at New Channel Shanghai School. With in-depth knowledge of A-level, IB and AP exams, she was rated as "Excellent Employee" at the end of the year. Her rich grammar and vocabulary teaching experience has been highly praised by students and their parents.


“Teaching without love is like a pond without water, which will eventually dry up.”



卓 越

Yue Zhuo
Accounting teacher, graduated from the Zhuhai NO.1 middle school and accounting department of the University of Macao. Be familiar with the accounting standards of China and the United States, worked in a fortune 500 company with four years’ work experience in cost control, management and accounting for construction projects





李 理

Physics Teacher, Areo-engine Master Degree, Special Contribution Award of Civil Aviation University of China. Experienced in international physics courses, such as DSE, IGCSE, A-level, SAT, AP, IB etc., humorous classroom style which can catch students' learning interest that generally promote the improvement of academic performance; In previous international school, had assisted physics supervisor with presiding teaching and research activities and gotten Outstanding Homeroom Teacher Award.
‘For better education.’




Zhou Bin
Mathematical teacher, Zhou graduated from the department of Mathematical and Science of Tsinghua University. He worked as front-line teacher for years, bent himself to guide each unique student to find the way suitable for him/herself.






华东师范大学物理化学硕士研究生,MYP化学考官。2012年至2020年期间,就职于某全国前十强国际学校,多次被评为该校“优秀教师”。在AL, IGCSE, MYP 化学教学上具有丰富的经验。所带班级多次被评为该校“先进班级“。

Wendy Feng has graduated from East China Normal University with master degree in Physical chemistry. She is MYP chemistry examiner. From 2012 to 2020, she has worked in a famous international IB school and was awarded “ Excellent Teacher” for many time. she is good experienced in AL, IGCSE and MYP chemistry teaching. As a homeroom teacher, her class was awarded “Advanced Class” for many times.


I believe that every child is a unique individual, discover him, appreciate him and love him. 




本科毕业于复旦大学,在美国得州农工大学(Texas A&M University)获得理论物理博士学位后转入同一学校的Mays商学院金融系博士班学习两年,2015年从事国际教育前在中央财经大学的中国经济与管理研究院任副教授。曾发表9篇物理论文,被引用733次,其中一篇是物理学顶级期刊《美国物理评论快报》(Physical Review Letters)并被引用255次。在英文经济学和金融学期刊上发表过论文,并在剑桥大学举行的国际理论经济学会议上报告研究成果。推荐过多名学生到美国、英国和法国攻读经济学博士学位。


Zhiwei (Robert) Chong got his bachelor’s degree from Fudan University. After obtaining his PhD in theoretical physics from Texas A&M University, he transferred to finance PhD program at May’s Business College in the same university. He was an associate professor in China Economics and Management Academy (CEMA) in Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE) in Beijing before he shifted his career to international education in 2015. He published 9 papers in physics with 733 citations, including one paper in the prestigious journal Physical Review Letters with 255 citations. He also published papers in economics and finance journals, and he presented his research in theoretical economics in the conference SAET 2015 held in the University of Cambridge. He recommended several students to pursue PhD in economics from America, England, and France. 






Jiaming Shi graduated from China Economics and Management Academy in Central University of Finance and Economics with Bachelor of Economics. She has fulfilled all the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science with a second major in mathematics. She is a senior financial data analyst who has passed the Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) and a number of related professional qualification exams. She is committed to combining subject knowledge with practical experience, and strives to help students set goals to inspire their self-consciousness in learning. 



陈 玥

海外工作经验丰富:曾为英国国家医疗服务体系(National Health Service, NHS)诺丁汉医院的中英翻译,独立完成60余次医疗翻译;曾于马来西亚和埃及等地的儿童教育机构参加长达一个月的国际志愿者项目。对学术研究抱以热忱:曾在澳门大学心理学系担任研究助理长达三年,并参加2016年跨文化心理学研讨会(日本名古屋)。致力于提升学生内在动力,擅长学科为托福、SAT、AP和A-level心理学;写作教学经验尤为丰富,曾培养满分学生。
Master of Science in Rehabilitation Psychology, University of Nottingham, UK
Bachelor in Psychology, University of Macau, Macau, China (Honors College)
Stella has diverse work experience oversea: she used to serve NHS Nottingham Hospitals as a volunteer interpreter, providing Chinse-English translation for medical counseling for over 60 cases; she was an enthusiastic international volunteer, with frequent month-long participation in children education programs in Malaysia and Egypt. Curious about academic research, she made continuous contribution to psychology research at University of Macau and published her bachelor dissertation at Cross-Cultural Psychology Conference in 2016 (Nagoya, Japan). In teaching, the commitment to kindling students’ intrinsic learning motivation achieves her fruitful teaching in TOEFL, SAT, AP and A-level psychology, particularly in producing full-mark students in writing.
Motto: Make today the day to learn something new







Jingyi Ye

IELTS Teacher, Exam Officer. Jingyi Ye graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a Master’s Degree in English Language for Teaching. She holds a TEM-8 certificate, a nationally recognized teaching certificate, and a TESOL certificate.  


Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire. 





数学讲师,哈尔滨工程大学水声电子信息工程学士学位,后完成Erasmus Mundus VIBOT计算机视觉与机器人技术项目课程学习。任职戴尔软件分析师。



Maths teacher, graduated from Harbin Engineering University with Bachelor degree in Electronics and Information Engineering (Underwater Acoustic). Thereafter, he participated in and finished courses in Computer Vision and Robotics from Erasmus Mundus VIBOT programme. He was one of software analysts in Dell Software .  

教育理念:修行在个人,珍惜好奇心. May you enter in at the strait gate. May curiosity be cherished. 





国际部升学指导,考务专员,毕业于广东财经大学英语(翻译)专业,U.S.NEWS Global Education 认证美国留学顾问、从事留学申请行业4年,曾任职于知名留学机构,熟悉国际考试报考。擅长为学生制定个性化申请方案,熟悉美国、澳洲、英国等国家升学申请流程及签注办理,助力学生争取到最佳学校录取。



Shuyi Zheng

Secretary of International Department/ Exam Officer. Majored in English (Translation) in Guangdong University of Finance and Economics. U.S News Global Education accredited counselor. She has worked in famous overseas education agency for 4 years as counselor. She is also familiar with international exam entries and overseas universities application process. She is good at helping students get admission for best schools.

Love is the soul of education